Executive Table Talks look to help organizations realize what’s needed to help bring awareness to a gap that will allow them recognition above their peers through training and realization of unity.


“Groups that embrace Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Justice in all aspects of their business statistically outperform their peers.” – The Founders, Michelle Weathersby, Denise Wiggins, Dionne McGee

We created Executive Table Talks as an answer to the Diversity and Inclusion issue to make our community aware that they are able to reach the highest level of appointment in any industry they were gifted to work in. We would like to invite you to be a part of our group as an influential leader who can play a greater role in moving the needle for economic empowerment and growth. Our membership consists of diverse women who are corporate senior level professionals, established entrepreneurs, philanthropist and influential community leaders in all industries. We look to to focus on creating events addressing diversity & inclusion and how organizations and business leaders can make positive changes by:

• Publishing an annual magazine of 100+ influential North Carolina female leaders

• Hosting quarterly meetings on Diversity & Inclusion and other business-related topics

• Providing live social media talks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) on pressing issues

We look to pay it forward by creating a Legacy for generations to come, Inspiring the community and Empowering people to advance to the next level.



Join us this year for a series that will change the community and organizations. We needed a way to bring more attention to diverse dynamic women doing remarkable things in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area. We knew there are an outstanding number of women impacting the community and making big strides in their industries. Our goal is to get those women from behind the scenes and into the public eye. From this we created the Executive Table Talks Book which is a carefully curated publication that features vision-led women in a professional, stylish and authentic style, monthly training/network events, and live streaming sessions (via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).


As the momentum grows, we witnessed incredible things happening. We begin seeing women doing business with each other, creating friendships, supporting each other, and collaborating on projects together.

We look to expand it beyond its birthplace of North Carolina and its aim is to launch in every major city across the United States.

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Executive Table Talks founded in 2019 by three ladies who continued seeing a gap in society that needed an answer. Between these three individuals they are prepared to uplift others in areas of finance growth, business growth, entrepreneurial strategies, human resources strategies. Their mission is to empower women who break glass ceilings in their respective fields and are able to pay it forward to other women who are looking to reach their status through conversation and mentorship. Collectively they have been business owners for more than 30 years and in the entrepreneurial realm for over 40 years while increasing their knowledge through Cornell University, North Carolina Wesleyan College, George Washington University, P4 Coaching Institute. The founders have been able to write books that allows others to advance in their careers and know about their struggles to be successful while working in male dominated fields. They believe in bringing women together to live out their personal and professional lives to the fullest. The group looks forward to bringing the program to a city near you!

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